Riohacha: Sea, dessert and the Wayuú ethnic group

Riohacha – The “Mestiza” of the North West
Foto: Typical Wayuú face paint

Riohacha, capital of the Guajira state, has a significant ecotourism potential previously undiscovered. The region contains unique and fascinating landscapes, which include golden deserts, and quiet azure beaches all decorated by the colorful Wayuú way of life. Sunshine, mountain terrain, deserts, beaches, natural parks, and the clans of an ancestral ethnic group make this region a unique and refreshing site on the Caribbean coast. La Guajira, is a very diverse region and is divided into three zones: Upper Guajira, Media, and Baja Guajira (more commonly known as Province.) In this exotic region filled with a unique ethnic population, reality begins to blur with fantasy.


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