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Itinerary Description

This program is an incredible three-week tour that includes a trip through the Andes Mountains, as well as the high mountain ranges of the Caribbean, both designed for trekking enthusiasts and nature lovers. A hike is planned for almost every day, but the tour leaves time to enjoy several wonderful and relaxing places ideal for recovering before starting on the next hike. Our tour goes through some of the most beautiful mountain ranges of South America; the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. It is here were we visit the “Lost City” of the old Tayrona civilisation, which is one of the largest rediscovered Pre-Columbian cities in South America as Machu Pichu. Our trekkers gain insight into the world of the Kogui and Arhuaco Indians, self-proclaimed guardians of cosmic balance. This tour ends with an exploration of Cartagena de Indias, whose old town is Unesco World Heritage site.

Important Requirements: fitness, team spirit, and willingness to compromise on comfort are important prerequisites for this tour.

Available languages: German, English, and Spanish

Require:  min. 2 Participants

Difficulty: Medium

This trip is bookable as a group trip to fixed dates, or as a private trip to which we can fit a custom itinerary for your required dates and languages.


Itinerary Summary

Day Program
1 Arrival in Bogota (2.600m)
2 Bogota City Tour & hiketour to Monserrate (3.150m)
3 Tota Lake, hiketour to Mirador de la Cruz (3.400m)
4 Güicán & Kanwara mountain hut (4.000m)
5 Hiketour to Cardenillo Pass (4.360m)
6 Glacier Ritacuba Blanco (5.410m)
7 Hiketour Lagunillas & Cusiri Pass (4.411m)
8 Hiketour Templo del Sol (5.020m) & Güican
9 Drive to Villa de Leyva
10 Free Day, optional:  lagoon Iquaque
11 Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira & Santa Marta
12 Hiketour Ciudad Perdida Day 1
13 Hiktetour Ciudad Perdida Day 2
14 Hiketour Ciudad Perdida Day 3
15 Hiketour  Ciudad Perdida Day 4
16 Hiketour Day 5 & Taironaka Nature Reserve
17 Tayrona National Park & Cabo San Juan
18 Paddletour to the mouth of the Don Diego River
19   Drive to Cartagena & City Tour
20 Free day, optional: Rosario Islands
21 Way back from Bogota to origin country
22 Arrival in origin country


Intended Hotels

Place Hotel
Bogota Hotel Casa Platybus
Tota Lake Hotel Rancho de Tota
 Cocuy Mountain hut Kanwara
Cocuy Mountain hut Sisuma
Güican Hotel Güaicany
Villa de Leyva Hotel M. de San Jorge
Santa Marta Hotel Aluna
Hiketour C. Perdida Farms / Country houses
Tayrona Nat. Reserve Taironaka
Cartagena Hotel 3 Banderas

Guest testimonial

“A wonderful trip with very nice encounters, which we will remember for a long time. We have experienced a very authentic Colombia. Thanks Newtours !”

 Anne Haselbach, Germany. Travel in Juli 2014.


B = Breakfast | L = Lunch | D = Dinner

Day 1 – Arrival in Bogotá D. C. (2 nights) – 2.600m

We welcome you at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá at an astounding 2600 meter altitude. The bustling capital of Colombia is spectacularly situated on a plateau in the Andes, at the foot of the Guadalupe and Monserrate mountains. The drive to the centrally located Hotel in the historic center takes about 40 minutes, which is followed by a short tour briefing.

Includes: (- / – / -) Reception at the airport, transfer ** airport -hotel, English speaking guide during transfers, accommodation in a double room.

Casa Platybus offers a pleasant and relaxing stay in a house with colonial style in the heart of the city.

Day 2 – Bogota City Tour & hiketour to Monserrate  – 3.150m

Day two starts off by exploring the neighborhood of La Candelaria, Bogota’s well-preserved old town. We visit the Plaza Bolivar and tour some stunning churches such as; San Francisco, San Agustín, and Tercera Orden. In the afternoon we start the altitude adaptation for our whole trip with a hike tour on a pilgrimage trail to the 3150m high mountain of Monserrate. From here our tour enjoys spectacular views of Bogota.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, entrance fees, English speaking guide. Hiketour ↑↓ 550m.

Day 3 – Bogotá – Tota lake (1 night) & hiketour to Mirador de la Cruz – 3.400m 

The trip continues North to Tota lake (3.000m), which is the second highest navigable lake of the continent after the Titicaca lake in Perú and Bolivia. In the afternoon we start our hike tour and end up at the stunning viewpoint of Mirador de la Cruz at 3.400m altitude, from where our tour admires the lake. We spend the night at Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota on the lake’s shore.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room , English-speaking guide, transfers **. Hiketour ↑ ↓ 400m.

With an enchanting view to the Tota Lake, the Hotel Refugio Rancho Tota is the ideal place to relax after a hiketour.

Day 4 – Drive to Güicán & Kanwara mountain hut (2 nights) – 4.000m

Today’s journey is a long and spectacular adventure. After a hearty breakfast we drive further north and reach Güicán (2963m), the so-called “North Pole” of the Boyacá state. Once there, we take an SUV to reach the refuge-hut Kanwara at 4.000m altitude. With an easy acclimatization walk, our tour enjoys the great view to the Ritacuba Blanco (5.330m) and other 5.000m high-peaks.

Includes: (B / – / D) Overnight at Kanwara refuge-hut , English-speaking guide, transfers **. Hiketour ↑ ↓ 100m.

The confortable bungalows offer a beautiful panoramic view to the peaks Ritacuba Norte, Negro and Blanco, always a unique experience.
Detailed map of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy

Day 5 – Hiketour to Cardenillo Pass – 4.360m

Today we travel further North on the exquisite pass of Alto del Padre at 4.368m. The tour continues down the Cardenillo valley at 4.000m altitude. We Cross the Cardenillo brook following a steeper path up to el Cardenillo trail (4.360m). We look out at the sensational views from the pass before turning back to Cardenillo Valley and make our way on an alternative trail back to Kanwara.

Includes: (B / L / D), accommodations in shared rooms at the Kanwara hut, English speaking guide, Hiketour ↑ ↓ 720m. Note: The hiketour can be reduced if needed, taking an alternative path. The group can be split (2 hiking guides).

Day 6 – Glacier of the Ritacuba Blanco  – Sisuma mountain hut (2 nights) – 5.410m

Today, the first path follows a trail along an almost entirely flat stream, until we reach the foot of the glacier Ritacuba Blanco. From this point on the trail turns quite steep. At 5.000m, we reach the edge of the glacier. If trekkers have plenty of energy and desire more, we start a walk around of the glacier (with crampons) and enjoy the spectacular views. The group can always be divided, we have sufficient guides. After the descent into Kanwara followed by lunch, our tour travels to the South side of the park after a pleasant walk through a flat area to the Sisuma hut at 4.000m.

Includes: (B / L / D), acc. in shared rooms, English-speaking mountain guide, tech. equipment, transfers. Altitude ↑↓ app. 1100m (Normalprogr.), ↑↓ app. 1410m (Glacier). No special skills required.

Mountain hut Sisuma>> The best play to stay, right in the heart of the National Park Cocuy.

Day 7 – Hiketour to the sector of Lagunillas & Cusiri Pass  – 4.411m

Taking a much more relaxed trip this day, the tour walks to the southwest through a well-trodden path up to the pass “Cusiri” at 4.411m. From here we enjoy the magnificent views to the west. The way back to the hut takes us along four beautiful lagoons (Parada, Atravesada, Cuadrada and Pintada).

Includes: (B / L / D) accommodation in shared rooms, English-speaking guide, transfers **. Hiketour ↑ ↓ 411m.

Day 8 – Glacier hiketour & Templo del Sol  – 5.020m &  Güican (1 night)

Today, the most famous spot in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy is on the agenda: the “Templo del Sol” (Sun Temple). The tour ventures by foot over rocky terrain for 500 meters up to “Alto del Conejo” pass at 4.500m. From here we continue through an ex-glacier area and hike over rocks to the snow line at 4.900m. During the glacier walk, our guests admire the impressive 100m high rock formations. In Sisuma a rewarding and well-deserved lunch is waiting. In the afternoon we drive back to Güicán (3.000m) and stay overnight in a hotel.

Includes: (B / L / -), Acc. in a D.R., English-speaking mountain guide, equipment and transfers. Hiketour ↑ ↓ 1000m. Note: The walk can be shortened and divided if necessary (2 hiking guides).

Hotel Güaicany >> The Hotel offers bunk beds for up to 35 guests. There is also a sitting area for everyone’s pleasure with a view onto the snowy peaks.

Day 9 – Drive to Villa de Leyva (2 nights)

Our tour leaves today the beautiful mountain region of El Cocuy, and drives through an amazing landscape to Villa de Leyva (2.140m), for many the most beautiful village in Colombia. Once inside the Villa de Leyva, our tour relaxes in a beautiful village with Andalusian flair.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in double room, English-speaking guide, transfers **.

Hotel Marques de San Jorge***+ >> A place of peace and relaxation, where guests can enjoy the comfort of the rooms and the hospitality of its staff.

Day 10 – Day of leisure. Optional: Lagoon Iquaque.

In the morning we take a walking tour with one of our experienced tour guides who tells our guests about the histories and traditions that go along with the beautiful village of Villa de Leyva. In the afternoon we give our tourists the option to continue exploring and enjoying the flavor of this pearl of the colonial period on their own, or to go on an exciting hike to the Iquique lagoon. Optional: Trekkking day tour to the Holy Lagoon Iguaque. After breakfast we start our day with a hike in the breathtaking mountain scenery of the pre-Columbian Muiscas, a culture that considers itself the origin of all life. The walk through the beautiful forest takes approximately 5 to 6 hours and goes up to 3600m (↑ ↓ 1000m).

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, entrance fees and English speaking guide. Optional services: tour lagoon Iguaque with transfers, entrance fees and English speaking hiking guide.

Day 11 – Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira & flight to Santa Marta (1 night)

Today we make first a short stop at the “Puente Boyacá”, the place where occurred the battle for Independence in 1819. By plane we continue to Santa Marta on the north coast. The Colombian Caribbean zone is one of the most diverse coastal strips in the world. It ranges from a tropical rainforest in the Southwest, to a desert in the Northeast. In between these two extremes you can find the Sierra Nevada (highest coastal mountain of the world with 6000m). After a panoramic tour of Santa Marta, we refer our guests to a comfy hotel in the Old Town.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, flight Bogota-Santa Marta, private transfer Villa de Leyva Bogota, English speaking guide, transfer ** airport – hotel in Santa Marta.

Hotel Casa Aluna** >> Ideal for city trips. The hotel offers nice and well-equipped rooms.

Day  12 – Trek Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) – Day 1 

Around noon we take our tour to the starting point of the trek. The path leads us about 11 km uphill to the Adán farm at approximately at 500 meters. From the Adán and its lovely country house, the views of the mountain range are breathtaking. We spend the night in comfy hammocks. The natural lakes nearby offer a lovely place to take a swim.

Includes: (B / L / D) Overnight in Farm (hammocks), transfers, English-speaking guide, local indigenous guide. ↑ 500m ↓ 200m altitudes. Optional services:  luggage carrier during hike tour or your luggage can be stored in S. Marta.

Adán Farm- Basic Camping
Overnight in a traditional country house (hammocks).

Day 13 – Trek Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) – Day 2

We walk down to a small valley of the Buritaca River, where a Kogui settlement named Mutanyi is based. After a short visit in the Kogui village, in the afternoon we reach the Gabriel farm.

Includes: (B / L / D) Overnight in Farm (hammocks), transfers, English-speaking guide, local indigenous guide. Altitude ↑ ↓ 450m. Optional services: racks carrier or your luggage can be stored in S. Marta.

Gabriel Farm – Basic Camping
Overnight in a traditional country house (hammocks).

 Day 14 – Trek Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) – Day 3

After breakfast the tour goes deeper into Kogui and Arsario Indian territory. The jungle trails wind through the thick vegetation and grasslands. We reach the farm of Rumaldo for a long deserved break (after a five hour hike) and this is our last stop before reaching Teyuna, or the “Lost City”.

Includes: (B / L / D) Overnight in Farm (hammocks), transfers, English-speaking guide, local indigenous guide. Altitude ↑ ↓ 550m. Optional services: racks carrier or luggage can be stored in S. Marta.

Rumaldo Farm – Basic Camping
Overnight in a traditional country house (hammocks).

Day 15 – Trek Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) – Day 4

Today we explore Teyuna. The “lost city” of the Tayrona was not discovered until 1975 by grave robbers. It lies on the steep slopes of the Buritaca River. The tour crosses the Buritaca again before we reach the 1200 steps to the “Lost City”. The remains of the old city were built somewhere between the 11th through the 15th century and had around 8000 inhabitants at its height. The city had a drainage system that was adapted for the terrain. After exploring the ruins we walk back to the Adán.

Includes: (B / L / D) Overnight in Farm (hammocks), transfers, German-speaking guide, local indigenous leaders. ↑1000m ↓ 600m 1altitude. Optional services: racks, luggage can be stored in S. Marta.

Adán Farm – Basic Camping
Overnight in a traditional country house (hammocks).

Day 16 – Trek Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) – Day 5 & Nature Reserve Taironaka (3 nights)

The last section of the Ciudad Perdida Tour begins today. We’ll take a walk into the village of El Mamey and machete Pelao which is were we reconnect with civilization. We take the tour over the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to the astounding Taironaka Nature Reserve, where we spend the next 3 nights. The last few kilometers into the reserve will be covered with the motorboat upstream the Don Diego River.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, transfers, English-speaking guide, local indigenous guide to El Mamey, boat trip to Taironaka. Altitude ↑ 400m ↓  550. Optional services: racks carrier, luggage can be stored in S. Marta. Guests would get their luggage again today.

Naturreservat Taironaka>>Here you will spend the next 3 nights, relaxing in very comfortable bungalows.

Day 17 – Tayrona National Park & ​​Cabo San Juan

Our next destination is the Tayrona National Park, one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the country. This is where the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range meets the Caribbean. Huge stones lie scattered on white sandy beaches, all in front of densely covered mountains. We depart from the Taironaka Reserve in the early morning to walk through the tropical forests of the foothills of the Sierra to one of the most beautiful bays in Colombia, Cabo San Juan del Guía. In the late afternoon we leave Tayrona Park and drive our guests back to the Hotel.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, transfers **, entrance fees to national park Tayrona, English speaking guide.

Day 18 – Paddletour to the mouth of the Don Diego River at the Caribbean Sea

Today our trip is one with nature. Come and join us at Sunrise in a paddleboat to go downstream to the mouth of the Don Diego River of the Caribbean. With a little luck we see monkeys beside us, and the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta far behind. Once we get to sea, our visitors take the option to take a relaxing swim before hopping on the motor boat that picks everyone up and brings the tour back to the reservation. The rest of the day in the Taironaka Reserve is free to the disposal of our guests. Whether they choose to relax in the hammocks, swim in the crystal clear waters, or go on a hike up ancient Indian paths, is up to them.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, German-speaking guide, boat rides, paddleboats and equipment.

Day 19 – Drive to Cartagena & City Tour (2 nights)

After breakfast, we drive along the coast and pass the cities of Barranquilla, and Cartagena de Indias, named the Pearl of the Caribbean. In the afternoon, our tour visits the Fort San Felipe de Barajas, the largest fort ever built by the Spanish conquistadors in the Americas. After we enjoy the amazing view from the monastery of La Popa Cartagena, which has a wall 150m high that was built in 1607 by the Augustinians monks. At the end of the day we discover by foot the colonial streets, plazas, and churches of the old town in Cartagena.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room, transfers **, admissions Fort San Felipe and La Popa Monastery, English speaking guide. Drive about 4 hours.

200 year old colonial house, which has been faithfully restored. Located in the middle of the historic center (Unesco World Heritage) of Cartagena de Indias.

Day 20 – Day of leisure. Optional: Rosario Islands

Free day in Cartagena. Optional: With a Speedboat, as part of an international group, our guests can go to the Archipelago and Underwater National Park Islas del Rosario. We make a stop on the Isla del Sol, and enjoy the day on the beautiful Caribbean beaches. Return around 16:00 clock.

Includes: (B / – / -), accommodation in a double room. Optional services: (- / L / -), travel by speedboat: each 1 hour; group outing with international participants and guide in Spanish and English.

Day 21 – Return to origin country from Bogota

Day 1- Bogotá
Around noon, we take our visitors to Bogota airport to fly back home.

Includes: (B / – / -), Transfer ** Hotel-Airport, English speaking guide. Optional Services: beach extension.

Day 22 – Arrival in your country

Now you know, you have made it. Because in Colombia, “the only risk is that you want to stay!”.


Price per person

from EUR 3.235

The price quoted above is an approximate price per person on a double room basis and will differ based on your actual date and month of visit (see departure dates).

SRS.: Single room supplement from EUR 335.

* Flight Cartagena– Bogota not included. This flight should be booked together with the international flight, that means: Your Country – Bogota & Cartagena – Bogota – Your country. So you dont need at your return to check in a second time in Bogota. Thus,  If the flight Bogota – Cartagena should be delayed and you miss the connecting international flight, the airline count it as single and not as two separate tickets.

** If the journey with only 2 participants are performed, Transfers and domestic voyages partly with taxis and local buses. See relevant tag (**) in the program.

*** On request we can book international flight tickets for you

Available as a private roundtrip from EUR 3445 per person in a double room for your required dates (+ 15% high season. High Season: Easter + 15/12 to 15/01).


Services included

  • Travel from Bogota, to Cartagena *
  • Flight Bogota – Santa Marta in Economy Class
  • English guidance
  • Transfers and domestic services in private vehicles **
  • All entrance fees as shown in the detail itinerary
  • 12 nights in mid-range hotels in DR
  • 4 nights in mountain huts in shared rooms
  • 4 nights in country houses / farms  (hammocks)
  • Technische Ausrüstung für Bergtouren
  • Food: 21xF, 8xM, 8xA
  • 25 EUR for local children Project
  • All fees and taxes

Not included       

  • × International Flights***
  • × Flight Cartagena – Bogota *
  • × Personal expenses and tips
  • ×Portfees of about 5 EUR in Cartagena
  • ×As indicated optional services